growing relationships

Three years ago, I moved to Singapore. Starting fresh was exciting but tough. Making new friends and keeping old ones was hard. Life got busy, and I struggled to stay connected.

I tried many ways to fix this. I used apps, calendars, and planning. But nothing worked. They took too much effort and felt forced.

Last year, I made a pledge. I wanted to be better at building relationships. I wished to remember birthdays, care about friends’ lives, and be there for family.

Sadly, relationship building doesn’t come naturally to me. I knew I needed help. So, I made a list of what the perfect solution should have:

Over the holidays, I made the first prototype. It was simple, but it helped. I began talking to friends I hadn’t seen in years. I felt lighter, and my new friends noticed my effort. It was working!

Foreva app

The app isn’t perfect yet, and there’s still a lot to iterate. If you have the same problem and want to get better at building relationships, feel free to join the beta version and let’s fix this problem together.

If you want to follow the journey, find me on Twitter where I post updates regularly.

Published on April 7, 2023