Joel Lovera.
Innovation starts listening to the customer

The timeless life compass

What is the reason you won’t steal? Because you feel empathy for your potential victim? Or it’s because you fear getting caught?

The answer to those questions is basic principles that are the building blocks of our core values.

Your values are what you consider essential, and you do without conscious thinking. Principles allow you to live a life consistent with those values.

Principles govern your behavior, they are rules and beliefs that direct your life.

Principles are nouns, not verbs.

Principles are reference points when you feel uncertain or find yourself searching for an answer.

Principles are boring. They aren’t inspiring.

Principles are the laws of nature and can become personal guidelines.

Principles serve as foundations that get you what you want our of life.

Principles are a matter of cause and effect.

Principles allow us to make adjustments in our lives to incorporate meaningful changes that you want to embrace.

To build a solid foundation of purpose that shapes the mission for your life, you should adopt principles.