The timeless life compass

Why don’t you steal? Is it because you’re empathetic for your victims? Or because you’re afraid of getting caught?

The answers to those questions are the fundamental principles that form the foundation of your values.

Your core values are what are important to you and you live by. Your principles allow you to live a consistent life in accordance with your values.

Principles shape and control your behavior; they are rules and beliefs that steer your life.

Principles are nouns, not verbs.

Principles are reference points to be used when you feel unsure or are seeking an answer.

Principles are boring. They don’t inspire.

Principles are the laws of nature; they can become personal guidelines.

Principals serve as foundations that help you get what you want in life.

Principles are a matter of cause and effect.

Principles allow you to make adjustments to instigate meaningful changes that you wish to embrace.

In order to create a solid foundation of purpose that shapes your mission for life, you have to live by principles.

Published on June 24, 2019